16 BEST Ways to Make Money Online in Canada [2021]

February 10, 2021

Best ways to make money online in canada

If you have been recently looking for a side hustle or a way to make some decent extra cash then you will know there is a wealth of options available on the internet as well as offline.

For people living in Canada, you may be limited by where you live, for example, it may be more viable to make money by going to a physical location if you live in a large city or populated area. 

If where you live is more remote, and there are plenty of those areas in Canada as it is so vast, then an online option may be the best for you. There have been a number of websites set up that offer the opportunity to work on a freelance basis.

Statistic show that remote workers and gig workers are on the rise making between 20-30% of the workforce in some areas of Canada

If freelancing doesn’t suit you then there are several other ways to generate an income online by dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing or Amazon FBA.

So what are some of the best ways to make money online in Canada? Read on and we will explore some of the best options:

1. Affiliate Marketing

image of affiliate marketing

If the idea of setting up a website, adding some products then sitting back and watch the cash flow in appeals to you then Affiliate Marketing is for you. Ok, it is not as simple as all that but Affiliate Marketing IS a tried and tested income generator that takes relatively little outlay to start up.

The beauty of making extra money this way is that it is quick to get started and doesn’t take masses of technical know-how. Even the most basic computer user can figure out how to start a basic website by using an online builder such as Wix or Squarespace. 

Once the site is created then just source the products that you want to add and include your links. Here is how the process works in easy steps.

  1. Buy a domain name and determine your niche
  2. Build your website
  3. Source the products you will sell
  4. Add product links to your site and perform SEO
  5. Get traffic that buys your products
  6. Make sales and earn a commission
  7. Refine and repeat

Of course, this is an oversimplification of operating as an affiliate marketer but it does outline the basic steps. You will learn much as you progress and expand about things like effective SEO and traffic generation, when and how to use social media, what kind of blogs or reviews you should include.

The list is endless but Affiliate Marketing is profitable and perhaps, most importantly, it is scalable. There is no limit to how big you can grow your website or how many products you can include.

To learn how to build an affiliate site, I recommend checking out highly rated affiliate marketing courses such as The Affiliate Lab or Authority Hacker.

2. Amazon FBA

image of amazon fba

Also known as Fulfilment by Amazon. If you have been making money by selling items at home or online you might want to consider managing your business with Amazon FBA. This handy program gives your customers the security of dealing with the instantly recognizable name of Amazon who then handling all your shipping needs. 

It also has the benefit of giving you and your customer access to Amazon’s tracking network. This allows your customers to see their package arrive and dispatch from every point along its journey and provides an accurate delivery day and time, many times even down to a window of just a few hours.

Amazon handles all the picking, packing and shipping of your items while you focus on generating sales. In addition, the company will also manage any returns or issues for you by way of its extensive customer service network. 

Many items will be offered with free shipping to Amazon Prime members allowing you to further expand your reach. Once you are registered as a seller with Amazon you can list your products for sale on marketplaces around the world, including Canada.

To learn how to sell on Amazon, I recommend checking out high-quality Amazon FBA courses such as Marketplace Superheroes. I also recommend you to read our detailed ASM review which is one of the most popular Amazon training courses.

3. Dropshipping

image of dropshipping

This differs from Amazon FBA in that with Amazon you are selling, storing, and shipping your products via Amazon’s network, with dropshipping you are selling and shipping products from OTHER people. Sometimes from multiple sources depending on what you are selling. Dropshipping is appealing due to its fast startup – sites like Shopify have made a business from helping people set up their eCommerce storefront and offering guidance on how to operate a successful dropshipping business.

The advantages of operating this type of online business are, 

  1. Low start-up costs
  2. No need to hold inventory or stock
  3. Returns are managed for you
  4. Can operate from home
  5. Low monthly overheads
  6. Easy to scale

That’s the upside. The negatives to dropshipping are that often there can be errors at the supplier level that you have to take the blame for and resolve, not to mention that you may run into complicated shipping issues from time to time.

This is also a highly competitive business especially if you are selling to a popular niche so profit margins can be quite low.

4. Online Surveys

image of online survey

It is a bit of an old and much-touted way to make money – but it works. Read almost any review or blog about ways to make money and online surveys usually make an appearance. There are lots of sites you can join and get paid real cash, rewards, or other kinds of benefits for simply filling out surveys and offering your opinion.

Swagbucks is one of the more popular sites for online survey takers but there are loads more out there. A quick query in your search engine will reveal a list of companies that you can sign up with and begin earning. Sign up is usually a relatively straightforward registration form and once approved you can begin earning cash right away. 

Online survey taking is appealing because it is so simple, it doesn’t take a lot of brainpower to click a multiple-choice button or select a yes/no answer. It can also be done from anywhere, at home on a laptop or while you are on a train or bus using a mobile device.

The downside to online surveys is that due to their simplicity they can tend to feel a bit tedious after a while, but if you can handle that then you can easily make some extra dollar. Pay rates vary and some can be quite low in terms of compensation but for the low stress, low demand, and flexible nature of the work it is reasonable in most cases.

5. Sell T-Shirts or Clothing

image of T-Shirt Store

Have you ever fancied the thought of being a clothing designer? Well, now you can put your creative talents to the test. Many people have found a way to make extra cash by designing and selling T-shirts, usually around a hobby or interest of their own. It may be easy to assume that there is no room in the market for this type of business, after all, every high street store and department store sells T-shirts, right?

Well, yes they do, but you would be surprised how many people like to buy something a bit more specific to them so if you can find a niche for female anglers or something that is not the run of the mill printed shirts that you find on the high street, then you could have yourself a money maker. 

Companies like Spreadshirt offer an end to end platform for people wanting to set up their own store and sell T-shirts. They help with the website design, offer assistance and a nice design and customization area where you can make your unique clothing creations.

They don’t just offer plain old T-shirts either, they have embroidered designed, polo shirts, posters, mugs, mousepads, and virtually anything else you can print on. They also cater to men, women, kids, and businesses. 

Like some other online businesses, selling T-shirts can be highly competitive, so you will want to target a very specific and unique niche and combine that with quality designs and materials to give you an edge over the competition. Creating a brand that people can recognize and identify with will help you to be successful.

6. Online Tutoring

image of online tutoring

If you have a talent or area of professional expertise that is in demand then you can turn that into a profitable income generator. Many people are searching for tuition or education in hundreds of different areas and if you have knowledge and ability you could offer your services in a couple of different ways:

  1. One on One Tutoring Live 
  2. Training Courses

You can offer one of these teaching methods or provide a combination of both. Making and designing courses can be a bit time consuming but profitable.

Sites like Kajabi and Udemy will walk you through the entire process of creating, designing, and selling your online course. 

Between professional training and learning basic skills, there are many topics that can be used to create courses or training around.

7. eBay

image of ebay

Having an eye for a bargain can pay big dividends if you are the kind of person that doesn’t mind digging around through the bargain bins. Once you locate items that can be resold you can list them on eBay to make a profit. 

The items that you sell can literally be anything that you can find from books to sports equipment, anything you think you can make money on can be purchased and resold. eBay will deduct listing fees and a sales commission then pass the rest of the earnings directly to you.

8. Paid Advertising Service

image of Google Ads

Businesses will pay good money for advertising services so if you are an expert in Google Ads or Social Media ads like Facebook or Instagram then you can make money by creating and targeting ads for companies. 

Most online advertising is performed via a search engine or social media advertising so being able to tailor adverts to specific target audiences and customers is invaluable. Some advertising areas that you can consider specializing in are –

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads 
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Ads

If you are able to generate results in terms of acquiring new customers or generating sales then many companies will pay handsomely for this type of service.

9. Etsy

image of etsy

Many women have turned their creative talents into a business over the past several years will the inception of Etsy. This marketplace style site is a collective selling area for anyone that creates artwork, jewelry or craft pieces. You can design and sell virtually anything you like and the only limit is your imagination. Some of the top-selling categories are –

  • Home and Living
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Toys and Games
  • Vintage
  • Kids and Baby
  • Craft Supplies

Etsy has proved popular as a money maker with people the world over from small to large cities. It is especially useful if you live in an area that is somewhat remote or not very well inhabited. This website will allow you to create your own online store and reach customers via the internet that you would not normally have access to.

There are fees to pay, of course, for the use of the platform but once those payments are deducted the remainder goes directly to the seller; you. The nice thing about Etsy is that you can price your items as you wish. It is always wise to see what others are charging for similar creations so you are not pricing yourself completely out of the market, but apart from that, you may charge what you like.

10. Translation Services

image of translation services

With business being a global concern there is much need for good translation services. Even in countries like Canada where there are 2 commonly used languages, English and French, there can be many companies willing to pay to have meetings, minutes, documents and other items transcribed into different languages.

Many translation services can be performed remotely making this an appealing choice for many. Online platforms like Translated.com offer suitably qualified people the chance to be paid for converting items from one language to another. So if you are fluent in German, multilingual, or are a person that naturally has a first and second language, then it can be a way to create an income.

As with most online services the more high quality, accurate work you complete the more you will gain additional jobs. Attention to detail will be necessary as this is a business based on accuracy and performance.

11. Transcription Services

image of transcription services

Have a laptop and some headphones? Well, that is all that you need to get started in the business of offering transcription services. Companies pay people to document the speech heard in audio or video recordings and if you fast and accurate it can pay quite well.

The nice part about making money for yourself this way is that it is flexible, home-based and comes with minimal start-up costs. Most people already have the basic equipment needed to get started, and the only other expense, if you are transcribing a lot, maybe a proper transcriber’s foot pedal. A handy tool that you operate with your foot to start and pause recordings leaving your hands free to type.

No specific qualifications are required to begin work as a transcriptionist but you will need an accurate and fast typing ability. As you may be transcribing legal or medical documents knowledge of industry terminology will be useful and you will need to have a good command of grammar and the English language.

There are many companies that you will be able to sign up with and get transcription jobs. Accutran Global is a Canadian based company that hires in its home country as well as the USA and UK.  

Getting approved to work for an online transcription service is usually based on the successful completion of tests like English spelling, grammar and typing speed. There may also be specific requirements or certain background checks or disclaimers to be signed depending on the sensitivity of the material you will be reviewing.

12. Web designer

image of Web designer

It pops up on almost every work from home list but the truth of the matter is that there is still a demand for website designers. Companies large and small all need to have an online presence and many of them have no idea where to start. If you can successfully design and launch a website for businesses then you can earn good money.

Having some technical knowledge of domains, databases, SQL, cPanel, WordPress and similar will help you to be successful in your website design business and a bit of well placed online advertising can be enough to get you started.

Depending on how simple or complex the website design is that’s required you can set your prices accordingly and make recommendations to your customer for additional or extra features.

A word to the wise though, website design can get more involved than you first may have thought depending on how invested your customer is in the process.  

You can spend a lot of time designing only for them to request many small changes. To help avoid confusion it is helpful to use a ‘scope of work’. A document that you can share with the client that details the site, its design, functionality, and other information so that you don’t spend hours redoing the work you have already done.

There are a lot of online options if you’d like to become a web designer and one of them is by enrolling into Udemy web design courses.

13. Social Media Management Services

image of Social Media Manager

Another tried and tested way to earn yourself an income is by offering your services as a Social Media Manager. Many people and companies find that managing their social accounts can be quite time consuming, especially if there are multiple accounts to oversee and create content for.

Having someone to post regularly to account, create a content calendar, engage with followers and monitor comments can be a godsend for busy businesses and entrepreneurs. You can charge monthly fees on a scale depending on how much or little you need to do.

If you have some creative skills such as logo making or graphic design, you can also incorporate this into your management packages for additional fees. Custom designed posts are popular and businesses will pay for well designed attractive content.

14. Bookkeeper

image of bookkeeping services

For those that are more logical than creative providing services in the financial sector may be a more appealing way to generate an income. All companies need to do some kind of record-keeping when it comes to their business’s finance. Many see it as a necessary evil and are happy to outsource the task. That’s where you come in.

Having an eye for numbers and being detail-oriented will help in this field, as will professional financial training. Canada requires specific criteria to operate as a bookkeeper so you will need to pass the Uniform Certified Public Bookkeeper Examination or have a degree in accounting to operate legally. Once you are qualified you can work anywhere in Canada as a bookkeeper for businesses.

15. Data Entry

image of data entry

If repetitive work is something that doesn’t faze you then data entry can be a great way to earn, especially if you are fast and accurate. Sites like Clickearners will hire you to complete accurate data entry tasks for businesses in many different industries. They hire from countries worldwide including Canada and have a variety of jobs to choose from.

Often, data entry jobs are not highly paid as the entry requirements are minimal. Fast typing and reasonable accuracy combined with decent numerical and English language ability will be enough to get you in the door. Although data entry may not be the most profitable venture, it is plentiful and regular work.

Most companies will pay for keystrokes per minute or hour and data entry has also become known as keylogging. Because of the way you are paid, speed and accuracy are important. The faster you can enter the data, the higher your hourly rate will equate.

Because data entry jobs are relatively easy and in high demand, they have become a target for online scammers. If you are going to be operating as a from home data entry specialist make sure that any company you are signing up with is established and reputable. Be wary of anywhere that asks for a credit card, bank details, or that asks you to make some kind of payment upfront.

16. Proofreading and Editing

image of Proofreading and Editing

Are you a person that’s an avid reader? Then you may be able to make a wage by proofreading and editing. Identifying plot loopholes and errors in other people’s written stories or identifying incomplete subplots or storylines can be turned into a money-spinner.

If you have an excellent command of the English language and grammar then editing work can also pay a premium. Other than that there are no official requirements for working in this field. There are many publishing companies and literature providers as well as independent writers that pay cold hard cash to have another person read and correct their work.

An English degree and understanding of literature would also be helpful and there is an abundance of proofreading work available. You can set your own rates and offer your proofreading services on platforms like Fiverr to start gaining clients.

Make Money Online in Canada Summary

If you are living in Canada and are looking for ways to make money from home then most of these options should provide you with a way to generate income without much outlay. 

Working remotely keeps overheads down for businesses and gives you the opportunity to work for yourself with minimal equipment; a phone, laptop, and an internet connection is all that is required in many cases to start generating money for yourself.

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