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Clickfunnels vs Kartra: A No Fuss Comparison 2024

by Matthew Carter | Last Updated: January 12, 2024
Clickfunnels vs Kartra: A No Fuss Comparison 2024

If you’re looking for a review on the new ClickFunnels 2.0 platform, then you can find our latest ClickFunnels 2.0 Vs Kartra article here.

Whenever successful entrepreneurs are planning to launch their new ideas, one of the first things they consider is their marketing strategy. One of the most critical business aspects that can make or break a business is marketing.

However, with all of the internet marketing tools that are available these days, aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses now have the chance to take full advantage of premium marketing strategies at an affordable price.

As a business owner wanting to capitalize on the benefits of internet marketing, it is essential that you invest in the very best internet marketing tools that are available.

In terms of these leading internet marketing tools, we will be looking at ClickFunnels Classic and Kartra. These premium tools have the reputation of successfully growing online businesses all around the world. Fundamentally, these two tools use sales funnels to help you effectively market your products or services.

They are the new best friend for marketers and that is why you see so much hype about them online.

One of the common questions I see get asked a lot is: “Should I use ClickFunnels or Kartra?”

In this review, I will be providing you with my personal thoughts on these two tools and which one I think is the best.

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ClickFunnels 1.0 Vs Kartra: Head To Head Overview

Don’t have time to read the entire article, here is what you need to know:

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Clickfunnels and Kartra are both very good. If you compare these tools to any other method of building a funnel, hands down they are much easier and quicker and you’ll achieve better results.

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Neither one of these tools is perfect. They each have their quirks and glitches.
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Both tools are comprehensive and need time to learn. Even with drag and drop functionality, video tutorials, page, and funnels templates you still need to set aside time to learn the software. But apply yourself and you could get up and running inside of a week.
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Pricing is similar. They each offer 3 standard plans giving options for complete beginners through to high volume businesses.
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A Brief Overview of Clickfunnels

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anything about HTML or coding. Neither do most successful online entrepreneurs!

In the past, you would need to hire a web designer and developers to create a functioning site and sales funnel...costing thousands.

It was a very risky investment that resulted in a high percentage of failed businesses and left prospective entrepreneurs with huge debts.

The answer to these problems was ClickFunnels! It was no longer necessary to be able to create your own CSS style sheets, code programs, or write HTML language since ClickFunnels can do everything for you instead, in just a couple of button clicks.

ClickFunnels not only instantly builds your website but also helps you guide visitors down your sales funnel. Therefore, it will help you convert visitors into paying customers at the end of your funnel.

Clickfunnels 2.0 free trial

Key Clickfunnels Features

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1. Lead Capture Funnels

If you are wanting to grow an email list, then the initial capture funnel pages help you do this. If you would like to offer your email subscribers a premium course or want to sell a book, then there are options available to make those customizations, when you provide them with your freebie or a one-time-offer (OTO).

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2. Webinar Funnels

If you host coaching webinars on how to use a specific product or for a service-based program, then the webinar funnels can be very useful. It helps you get registrations and promote the premium webinars that you offer.

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3. Sales Page Funnels

On ClickFunnels they are the most prominent. They can be used to sell services and products and capitalize on sub-features such as downsells, upsells, and OTOs in order to maximize the amount of profit you can receive from your customers.

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4. Membership Sites

A recurring income can also be generated via membership sites. All you need is to click a few buttons to create them using ClickFunnels.

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5. Online Courses

In addition to capturing emails for marketing your online course, you can also use ClickFunnels to host and sell your courses.

Other great features that ClickFunnels offers are outstanding free training, split-testing for improving your results, and conversion tracking.

CickFunnels 2.0

A Brief Overview of Kartra

ClickFunnels has existed for a number of years. It has proven to be internet marketing software that is reasonably priced and serves its intended purpose very well. It also successfully allows marketers to get their sales marketing pages up quickly by just clicking a few buttons.

Kartra, unlike ClickFunnels, is a tool that was mainly used by marketers as an e-Commerce tool. It has been re-launched as an all-inclusive platform.

Kartra is currently being used by entrepreneurs as an internet marketing tool with a whole suite of highly functional tools. You can use it to design pages, respond to user comments, manage payment gateways, and build sales funnels. It is used for businesses that sell everything from printables to software to coaching courses.

Kartra 30 day free trial

Key Kartra Features

**In July 2022 Kartra released 12 new features in addition to what we have outlined below. To learn more about these latest additional features have a read of our 12 New Kartra Features & Updates 2022 article.

If you were familiar with Kartra prior to 2019, then you will need to get updated on what the platform has to offer. It is no longer simply a shopping cart software the way it was in the past.

It is now something much more, but there are a few pitfalls to be aware of. The following are some of its main features:

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1. Customizable Marketing Pages

You can use these pages to quickly build opt-in forms, sales pages, product pages, and multi-step sales funnels.

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2. Powerful Email Marketing

Kartra’s email marketing tool is so powerful that it comes with autoresponders as well as the ability to create full-fledged drip campaigns as well as individual blasts.

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3. Comprehensive Membership Sites

A complete membership portal can be set up with various membership levels and subscription tiers, as you are engaging your customers.

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4. Flexible Shopping Carts

In the past, Kartra was a shopping cart only and still is among the best shopping carts that are available. It provides you with the ability to offer installment or lump sum payments, coupons, downsells and upsells, full affiliate support, subscriptions, and beautiful checkout pages.

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5. Marketing Automation Sequences That Drive Sales

The drag-and-drop builder helps you quickly get a huge number of sequences launched that trigger the most relevant communication to leads and customers to specific actions that they can take while guiding them automatically through your sales funnel.

Other features include intelligent split testing, lots of templates, 360-degree analytics, in-built video hosting, live chat, and affiliate management.

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ClickFunnels 1.0 vs Kartra Pricing

Before making any decisions, you’ll need to understand the pricing.

ClickFunnels 1.0 Pricing

Clickfunnels 1.0 comes with a 14-day free trial that is available for you to test out. So it is completely risk-free.

Here are the plans you can choose from:

clickfunnels classic pricing plans
Clickfunnels 2.0 trial

1. ClickFunnels – $97 Per Month ($80/month on an annual plan)

For a start-up business, this plan is more than sufficient. It comes with everything that is needed for building intelligent sales funnels.

It allows you to create webinar funnels, membership sites, opt-in funnels, and sales funnels. You also can integrate sales funnels with shopping cart CRM’s and email autoresponders.

You can build up to 100 pages and 20 sales funnels and support up to 20k visitors every month.

2. ClickFunnels Platinum – $297 Per Month

This Full ClickFunnels Suite gives you everything that the ClickFunnels plan provides such as Actionetics, Backpack and more. It can be used with unlimited traffic, domains, pages, and funnels.

You can also run affiliate programs inside your funnels, Therefore, your affiliates will be sending traffic to your funnels.

Other benefits include custom follow-up sequences and backpack tracking of your sales and affiliate clicks.

Kartra Pricing

For a limited time, Kartra now has a FREE 30-day Trial available for you to test out their software. So it is also completely risk-free.

kartra payment plans 2023
30day kartra trial

Kartra has released 3 new pricing plans. Starter Growth and Professional. The plans increase in capabilities as you pay more.

Again, before making your final decision, take advantage of the trial offers and carefully weigh the pros and cons, and features offered by these two outstanding tools.

The Major Differences

Kartra and Clickfunnels have a lot of similarities but they differ a lot in some very key areas.

Here are the main differences between these two landing software tools:

ClickFunnel integrates with other leading autoresponders. With ClickFunnels Classic you can integrate using Infusionsoft, Aweber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc. without having to use Zapier. On the other hand, with Kartra it is still possible, you have to use either their automation software or Zapier to make connections.

Clickfunnels 1.0 allows you to use one account to run multiple businesses. If you have multiple business ideas and many different domains, ClickFunnels supports this. On the other hand, Kartra only wants you to use one business for each account.

ClickFunnels has been around for a longer period of time. ClickFunnels was first introduced in 2014 and has been able to develop a very extensive support network. They have a huge Facebook group and there are entire companies supporting ClickFunnels. 

Kartra is all-inclusive. You get marketing automation, funnels, an affiliate platform, and more on even their starter plan. By contrast, with ClickFunnels, you will have to sign up for their more expensive Platinum plan to get all of their features.

The Kartra page builder comes with pre-built sections. Rather than using a whole page template (which is also offered by Kartra), their page builder comes loaded with dozens or perhaps hundreds of different pre-built sections that you can simply drag and drop into your pages. It can help you create custom, beautiful pages within minutes.

Kartra provides dynamic OTOs. Visitors can be taken to different offers or pages based on their original purchase. By contrast, with Clickfunnels, customers see all of the OTOs you are offering, no matter what their original purchase is.

Kartra provides Behavioral Marketing. Different elements can be shown to different individuals based on their previous actions such as purchases. Nothing like this is offered by ClickFunnels 1.0.

Kartra hosts your files and videos. Kartra now has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited video hosting across all their plans.

With Clickfunnels Classic, your files and videos will need to be hosted by a 3rd party.

Kartra offers a help desk feature. It isn’t necessary to integrate with Zendesk or another service since you are covered by Kartra. ClickFunnels Classic does not offer this.

Kartra has better timers. If running evergreen promotions is something you like to do, then the timer system offered by Kartra is a lot better due to the fact that it is connected with the person’s account and may be tracked more closely. By contrast, the timers from ClickFunnels 1.0 only track using cookies.

Although this is list is not all-inclusive, these are some of the major differences between these two platforms.

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Which Tool is Best?

Both Clickfunnels Classic and Kartra are quite good. Each tool has its own positives and negatives. So it really depends on the requirements of your particular business and what you need each tool for.

There are just a couple of circumstances where I would recommend one of the tools over the other:

Analytics: Kartra

  • Analytics is fully integrated into all aspects of the Kartra platform. This means that you can deep dive into all of your customer and sales data to find out what is working and what is not.
  • By contrast, Clickfunnels Classic analytics is useful but basic.

eCommerce: ClickFunnels 1.0

  • It provides more flexibility regarding your products and their variations, particularly, when you are using CF Pro Tools.
  • Integrates natively with ShipStation.
  • There are third-party integrations such as Orderlytics and AppTrends that integrate with AliExpress and Shopify.

Lead Generation: ClickFunnels 1.0

  • Clickfunnels makes funnel building easy to replicate with its duplication feature
  • ClickFunnels allows you to have multiple domains in one account when you are wanting to generate leads for multiple businesses.
  • ClickFunnels integrates with third-party autoresponder tools more easily compared to Kartra.
Clickfunnels 2.0 free trial

Final Words

If the scenarios above are not relevant to your situation, then it might come down to your budget. The all-inclusive basic plan offered by ClickFunnels Classic is just $80 per month, which is slightly less expensive than the Kartra Starter plan. 

Beyond the above reason, it ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. Both of these tools do offer trials.

Without any commitment, you can learn more about Kartra or you can test out and play around with ClickFunnels with a free trial

In this article, I've given you a run down and comparison of ClickFunnels Classic Vs Kartra. Two of the best funnel-building software platforms available. You now can choose the platform that best suits your needs.

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