Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review: What The Heck Is It? [2020]

funnel hackers cookbook review

What Is The Funnel Hackers Cookbook? The Funnel Hackers Cookbook is a book in both pdf and physical format that explains each of the different sections, rows, and elements used in ClickFunnels. 

But it’s so much more than that. It’s a tool created to demystify the most powerful funnel building techniques of the most successful funnels online. 

It contains templates for many different funnels you could use and shows you step-by-step how to put them together. 

Though it doesn’t teach strategy, used as a companion book to Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson, you get both the strategy and the blueprint to make that strategy come to life through funnels. 

With all three books together, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to make your business a success or more of a success. 

Die-hard funnel Hackers find this cookbook to be an essential gem among their funnel building arsenal. It’s a helpful resource and makes the funnel building process much simpler and quicker. 

What Do You Learn?

In the Funnel Hackers Cookbook, you will have an inside look at all the elements and pages necessary to build a funnel. You’ll also learn all the core funnel types you’d need. 

There are three main sections in the cookbook: elements, pages, and funnels. 


The elements are all the different parts you see on each page of your funnel. For example, you’ll see text, images, videos, buttons, countdown times, etc.

There are over 50 different types of elements. 


The pages make up the sequence of the funnel that creates the desired experience for site visitors. 

Currently, there are about 37 types of pages. Some examples of pages are the survey page, squeeze page, lead magnet, thank you page, sales letter page, upsell and downsell pages, order page, and many more. 


Section three of the cookbook contains funnel recipes. To cover pretty much every possible situation for most businesses, there are 22 types of funnels. 

The four main types of funnels that all the 22 different funnels fit into are lead funnels, buyer funnels, event funnels, and other funnels (the funnels that don’t fit in the other three types).

The Funnel Hacker Cookbook walks you through step-by-step how to create the perfect funnel for the goal you’re trying to accomplish, be it make more sales, get more leads, share your expertise, or anything else. 

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How Much Does The Funnel Hackers Cookbook Cost?

What would you say if I said the Funnel Hackers Cookbook was free? 

Yep. It’s completely free.

If you download the pdf version of the cookbook it’s totally free and you’ll only pay a small shipping fee if you get the physical version. 

Pretty nice for a cookbook that could give you all the necessary ingredients to transform your business. 

Get your free copy of the Funnel Hackers Cookbook here

What Are The Upsells to The Funnel Hackers Cookbook?

There is an order bump and two upsells you may want to consider when ordering the Funnel Hackers Cookbook. 

The Black Box

On the order page, there’s an order bump for what’s called the Black Box. The Black Box contains books and pamphlets that teach you the ins and outs of funnels, marketing, and the best methods of having your own business.

The two books that come in the Black Box are Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. 

The pamphlets are about building funnels and email automation for your business, as well as the Quickstart Guide, Secret Sketches, and Fill Your Funnel Secrets.

The Black Box is filled with massive value and information that can help skyrocket any business. All serious funnel hackers get the Black Box.

Funnel Immersion

Funnel Immersion, the first upsell to the Funnel Hackers Cookbook, is an in-depth training on funnels such as the Perfect Webinar, Funnel Catcher, the Invisible Funnel, past Funnel Hacking Live videos, and more. There are more than 80 hours of training.

The only way to get Funnel Immersion is to get it as an upsell to the Funnel Hackers Cookbook. 

It is definitely worth getting as the content is at the level of Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle.

Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets is the second and final upsell to the Funnel Hackers Cookbook. It’s currently the only option to get ClickFunnels free for either six or 12 months. 

By purchasing this upsell, you get access to the Etison Suite plan, which includes unlimited funnels in your ClickFunnels account, as well as access to Actionetics and Backpack. 

It also gives you access to the Funnel Hacks Masterclass, the Funnel Builder Secrets training, Traffic Secrets Membership, and 12 months’ access to Funnel Scripts.

So it’s the highest-end offer from ClickFunnels starting at $1,997, but is it really worth it? 

Funnel Builder Secrets is worth it because of everything you get access to in addition to it. However, be aware that the option for $1,997 will get you six months of ClickFunnels for free, but the price actually equals out to more than the monthly $297 price would be. 

If you choose the $2,997 option, you get ClickFunnels free for 12 months and is less expensive than the $297 monthly plan of ClickFunnels. The 12-month option is definitely worth it, especially if you will be using Actionetics and/or Backpack.

Final Review: Is The Funnel Hackers Cookbook Worth it?

For any serious funnel hacker, yes. It’s an absolutely essential resource. 

Not only is it a helpful resource as you build out your funnels, but it also walks you through the best funnels out there that can help generate much more success. 

You could shoot in the dark and try funnel building on your own and maybe have some success. 

Or you could get the cookbook to learn how to build the exact funnels that have proven successful. The guesswork is gone. 

So is it worth it? Absolutely! 

Get your free copy of the Funnel Hackers Cookbook today

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