Who Owns Clickfunnels? Everything You Need To Know About Russell

Clickfunnels had already generated nearly 1 million sales funnels for their customers. For being such a young company, the success of Clickfunnels  is growing at unprecedented speeds (click here to read my full Clickfunnels review or get an exclusive Clickfunnels 30 Day Free Trial)

Online sales and marketing is a rapidly growing industry and developing a proper sales funnel are key, but it hasn’t always been easy or fast. Clickfunnels simplifies the entire process and makes it much faster for everyone.

 So, who owns Clickfunnels? Russell Brunson is the owner and co-founder of Clickfunnels. He discovered that he was good at selling things online, but creating a funnel took too long. He wanted to build something that would allow for the faster generation of sales funnels. Russell Brunson created Clickfunnels in 2014 along with co-founder Todd Dickerson. Russell Brunson is the current CEO.

Since its beginning, Clickfunnels has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build their business and spread the word about their products and/or services very quickly.

Clickfunnels has been extremely successful and profitable from day one because it was created by someone who knew what they were doing. But who exactly is the man behind the success of Clickfunnels?

who owns clickfunnels?

Who is Russell Brunson?

Before he began creating Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson was already gaining a lot of traction. He has spent many, many years making a name for himself in the world of entrepreneurship. He has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books and has built himself a following of over one million entrepreneurs. Before Clickfunnels was even around, he was already popularizing the idea of sales funnels themselves.

His interest in sales and marketing began at a very young age. Even as a 12-year-old, he would collect junk mail and listen intently to the commercials on the TV and radio. He opted into whatever business opportunities he could, even as a youngster, so that he could study them.

His first online marketing venture was to sell potato gun building guides and DVDs. The success of this small business attempt piqued his interest and is ultimately what launched him into the world of internet marketing, where he rapidly rose to the top. Within one year of graduating from college, he had made his first million dollars selling his products.

Russell Brunson was selling a little bit of everything – supplements, books, software, even t-shirts. He achieved top-ranking status in many network marketing companies, winning himself a Ferrari as he generated 1.5 million leads in only six weeks.

Russell Brunson was no stranger to hard work. He has built himself quite the resume in a rather short period. While his incredible ability to generate sales was extremely impressive, he wasn’t without challenges. He encountered many obstacles and issues as he worked with the technology that would create his sales funnels.

These obstacles are where the idea for Clickfunnels came from in the first place. He wanted to have something that would make it easier and faster to create sales funnels. He recruited his partner Todd Dickerson and together they launched Clickfunnels in October of 2014, and it has grown exponentially since then.

Russell Brunson’s Books

In addition to his many online marketing businesses, his books have been quite successful. He draws on years of studies, observations, experiences, and trial and error, and compiles it all in one place so that others can learn from his successes and mistakes. He offers an exceptional insight into the online world and has written these books out of a genuine desire to help young, aspiring entrepreneurs replicate his great success.

“Dot Com Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online” focuses on driving traffic, and then converting said traffic. It is aimed at people who are struggling to get traffic to their website, and then struggling to convert the traffic that does show up. He explains that the problem usually does not stem from the traffic or conversions themselves, but from something that is a little more difficult to see. He offers help and solutions to this problem.

“Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice” is directed at people who want to share a message. Maybe they have some thoughts and experiences that can change lives and help thousands, but it needs to get into the right hands first. In this book, Russell Brunson offers his knowledge on how to do just that.

How Clickfunnels Works

Simply put, Clickfunnels is a landing page builder. It will help you take a potential customer – referred to as a lead – through the process of becoming an actual paying customer. This process contains many stages and it can be exceptionally overwhelming, especially for a beginner. Creating the strategy alone can be difficult, forget the actual funnel itself!

First impressions are incredibly important and that is why it is imperative that you have a solid landing page. The Clickfunnels software enables you to edit and customize your landing pages and make them unique to you and your business while staying functional and professional. You will have the ability to add all kinds of content, such as videos and images.

Before Clickfunnels, creating a single sales funnel was a lot of work and would take up to six weeks. You would have to create all the individual pages, add in the shopping cart, add the merchant account, etc.

Finding all these things individually, piecing them together on your website, and managing them either took a lot of your time and effort or cost you a lot of money to hire someone else to manage it for you. Clickfunnels puts all these things together for you, so setting up a funnel is fast, easy, and seamless. What used to take weeks, can now be done in just minutes.

In addition to the software, they also offer lots of free training and funnel templates. There are several different types of funnels that can be created, and they all serve slightly different purposes.

You have your opt-in pages which will encourage people to sign up for the email list. Email lists are extremely important in gaining and retaining paying customers. If you have a poorly written opt-in page, your subscriptions and conversions will be minimal.

Similar to opt-in pages are lead capture pages. Lead capture pages generally look to acquire slightly more information from a customer than an email address. It may ask for basic contact information, and it may offer something – like a free e-book – in exchange for the information.

Lead capture pages are sensitive and delicate as asking for too much information at the wrong time will easily scare away a potential customer. Creating them can be difficult, but Clickfunnels offers templates and makes it much easier to create an effective landing page.

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Who Can Benefit From Clickfunnels?

It may seem like the market for Clickfunnels is very narrow. Not everyone has their very own product to sell. The beauty of Clickfunnels, however, is that you don’t even need to have your own product to make money! Their software is beneficial to a wide range of people.

Of course, if you DO have your own product to sell, you will find great use for Clickfunnels. You will probably be able to make use of all their features and you may find the available training to be quite helpful. From landing page to the shopping cart, Clickfunnels can give offer a completely seamless and streamlined way to start selling your product fast.

For those that don’t have their own product, but still want to make money online, Clickfunnels can help you. Affiliate marketing is a growing industry and there are tons of people who are trying to make money selling other people’s products. The competition is stiff, so to be successful, you must be convincing, and provide useful content.

You still need to be able to successfully generate leads and convert them into sales. The landing page templates can apply to this type of sales pitch as well, and it is actually an even easier set-up for you because you don’t have to facilitate the actual purchase! The customer will go on to purchase from your affiliate partner, and you will be given a portion of the sale.

Clickfunnels can also be beneficial to those who are trying to sell a service. The idea and set-up are essentially the same, but at the end of the process, the customer is paying you to do something for them, rather than give them a tangible thing.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell. If you are trying to sell something, Clickfunnels can not only make your life a lot easier but help you generate a lot more money.

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How much does Clickfunnels cost?

A membership to Clickfunnels costs between $97 to $297 per month, depending on the features that you want your membership to include. Clickfunnels is one of the higher priced landing page software programs and it is one of the main concerns for people when deciding between Clickfunnels and Leadpages.

What is a Clickfunnels Affiliate?

People who enjoy Clickfunnels can make money by promoting them. The Clickfunnels Affiliate program has a very generous commission program and since it’s a great piece of software, it is very easy to promote it.

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