Kartra Pricing Plans: How Much Does Kartra Cost? [2020]

Are you looking for the full story about Kartra pricing plans?

If you have already read my Kartra review, you already know that I am a big fan. Kartra offers a lot of different features and has a lot of different price points. So I wanted to take a deep dive into all of Kartra’s price plans so that you can make a better choice.

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The following are the quick cost figures for Kartra on some of their most popular plans:

Starter – $99 per month or $89 per month (yearly). This plan provides you with 20 different e-commerce products, the ability to create 100 pages, 15,000 emails, and up to 2,500 contacts, and more.

Silver – $199 per month or $149 per month (yearly). This plan comes with the ability to sell an unlimited number of products, create unlimited pages, 125,000 emails, up to 12,500 contacts and more.

Gold – $299 per month or $249 per month (yearly). This plan provides you with the ability to sell unlimited different products, create unlimited pages, 255,000 emails, and up to 25,000 contacts, and more.

Platinum – $499 per month or $379 per month (yearly). This plan provides you with the ability to sell unlimited different products, create unlimited pages, 500,000 emails, and up to 50,000 contacts, and more.

Diamond – $699 per month or $519 per month (yearly). This plan gives you the ability to sell unlimited different products, create unlimited pages, 1,000,000 emails, and up to 100,000 contacts, and more.

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Kartra Pricing Packages

In order to accommodate various individual needs, a wide range of different pricing options are offered by Kartra for you to select from to use on your domain for your online business. These packages are ideal for companies of all sizes. Kartra surprisingly does not limit its features when choosing any of its products packages that other competitive services commonly do.

Before we really get deeply into this, you can sign up for a 14-day trial for just $1. Simply click here to get signed up so that you start to use the service right away.

So now let’s get into the different pricing options that are offered by Kartra:

Kartra Pricing Options

Starter Plan $89/month

This Kartra package is ideal for new startup businesses that are just getting started in the industry and have no or few contacts. Kartra offers you the convenience of being able to pay for just a small base of contacts. The plan allows for 2,500 subscribers (contacts) as well as 15,000 emails and 50 GB bandwidth per month.

This plan is not only suited for startups or smaller businesses. Organizations of all sizes and statuses can reap numerous benefits from this highly versatile plan. This Kartra plan is good for businesses that are just getting started, but also for ones that will be considering the silver plan soon.

Silver Plan $149/month

This plan is an upgrade of the starter plan, and it offers a big increase in how many emails and contacts you can have each month. The silver plan comes with 125,000 emails and 12,500 contacts making it an outstanding plan that is tailored to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses with a goal of continuous growth.

All Kartra features are included, along with additional advantages and just a small increase in price which makes it an absolute steal!

Gold Plan $299/month

Once you have a large number of subscribers, this is the perfect package for you! It allows you to have around 25,000 contacts and 200 GB bandwidth per month at a very reasonable price. It is a convenient plan for medium and large businesses that have high or moderate levels of traffic.

Platinum Plan $499/month

If you already have a large business with a considerable amount of traffic, then this plan can perfectly meet your needs. The platinum plan provides you with up to 50,000 leads, 500,000 emails, and 500 GB bandwidth per month which means it can meet the needs of large businesses that have moderate or high levels of traffic.

Diamond Plan $699/month

Diamond Plan members can use up to 1,000,000 emails and 100,000 leads along with 600 GB bandwidth which makes it easier for large businesses with high levels of traffic. All of the other features offered by Kartra are unlimited on this plan.

What Do You Receive With These Plans?

The Katra pricing options as seen above, fit everyone’s needs and are fairly reasonable. Each plan offers a set of features which includes:

  • E-commerce features
  • Automation of emails
  • Landing page modules
  • Course and video hosting

You can quickly build these Kartra features using Kartra products since they are user-friendly and come with a workflow that is very straightforward and has an accessible dashboard that allows you to watch your business closely.

The Value of Karta’s Pricing Structure – What Does It Replace?

After going through all of the marketing material that was the first question that I asked. It is a really good way to help measure how valuable Karta can be to your business. So I decided to do the math.

The following is the software I was either planning to use or already using for managing my online marketing efforts:

  • Affiliate Management: iDev Affiliate. Cost: $39 per month
  • Shopping Cart Software: SamCart – $99 per month
  • Course Hosting Service: Teachable – $39 per month
  • Email Automation: ConvertKit and Drip – $29 or $41 per month
  • Form Creation: Offered by Leadpages, ConvertKit, and Drip
  • Landing Page Software: Leadpages – $25 per month

When you add up all of the products above, the starting cost is nearly $250 per month. By contrast, Kartra Pricing on the Starter Plan is just $69 per month! That saves more than $2,000 per year.

Note: If you have a limited budget and are unsure if you are going to need all of the features offered by Kartra, I recommend ConvertKit at $29 per month and Leadpages at $37 per month (or $25 per month if you pay it annually) so that you have email automation and landing pages covered. However, if you have confidence that your business will make money, then I recommend that you start using Kartra from the very beginning in order having to migrate your email sequences and pages later on.

Email Automation

One of the most valuable assets that any business can own is an email list. Kartra provides you with pre-built funnels that you can use to build an email list along with powerful and effective email sequence builders to make sure that you automatically remain in contact on a regular basis with your email list.

Your email list can be segmented according to the actions of your subscribers. If they make a purchase, click links, or open specific emails, they can be removed from or added to a specific sequence.

Course and Video Hosting

If your marketing efforts include using videos or if you are searching for a place to host your video-based training course, then this is built into Kartra. Your videos can be uploaded into categories and playlists which makes it easier for both your audience and you to find.

There are other course hosting platforms that are available. I especially like Teachable. I think Teachable has an edge over Kartra as a standalone product. It has been designed for a specific purpose. However, you still need the other features that are included in Kartra such as email automation and landing page tools.

eCommerce Features

Another cool feature that Kartra comes with is the ability to put up your products for sale. They may be physical products that you ship out to your customers or paid course and other products that are delivered electronically.

Recurring membership payments and pricing can be set up and integrated with landing pages and forms as part of your sales funnels. You can also manage affiliates who will be promoting your products in exchange for earning a commission. Please check out my video below to learn more.

Membership Site Features

If you offer your customers a membership plan, this can be managed for you by Kartra. Different membership levels can be set up inside of Kartra and access can be granted to resources based on the plan that has been signed up for by your customers.

All of this is simply scratching the surface. There are so many features built into Kartra that it is hard to cover everything. What I have discovered is it is all really easy to get set up. It isn’t necessary to pay for setup costs like with many other marketing platforms that are available.

Please come back to check over the next couple of weeks since I will be adding more tutorial and reviews on various Kartra modules. Meanwhile, if you have learned enough to cause you to want to try out Kartra, click on this link and sign up for a two-week trial for just $1 and get access to the launch promo discounts being offered by Kartra.

ClickFunnels vs Kartra Pricing

Internet marketing is a very interesting game. And this game always has multiple winners when you do the right things.

It doesn’t need to be using the right software. Software alone will not make or break your ability to earn money or the success of your internet marketing game.

Kartra allows you to achieve all of the same things that can be done with ClickFunnels, But the process is different, and things are not as fast as you can do with ClickFunnels.

For one thing, Kartra creates pages that are much more diverse, authentic, and marketable. It is similar to investing in a team of in-house marketing experts to do the work for your growing business. ClickFunnels is very task-oriented, whereas a goal-oriented approach is taken by Kartra to get things done.


Standard Clickfunnels – $97 per month. With this plan, you can create up to 100 landing pages and 20 funnels and have up to 20,000 visitors per month.

Etison Clickfunnels Suite – $297 per month. With this package, basically all of the starter plan limitations are unlocked so that you have unlimited landing pages, funnels, and traffic. Actionetics is included also.


Starter Plan – $89 per month (yearly). You can sell up to 20 different e-commerce products, create 100 pages, 15,000 emails, and up to 2,500 contacts, and more.

Silver Plan – $149 per month (yearly). You can sell an unlimited number of different products, create unlimited pages, 125,000 emails, and up to 12,500 contacts.

​Gold – $​249 per month (yearly). You can sell an unlimited number of different products, create unlimited pages, 255,000 emails, 25,000 contacts, and more.

​Platinum – $​​379 per month (yearly). ​You can sell an unlimited number of different products, create unlimited pages, 500,000 emails, 50,000 contacts, and more.

​Diamond – $​​519 per month (yearly). You can sell an unlimited number of different products, create unlimited pages, 1,000,000 emails, 100,000 contacts, and more.

Leadpages Vs Kartra Pricing

In the past, Leadpages was the number first software and page builder that I used (way back in 2016). However, that spot has been taken over already by ClickFunnels.
I would not recommend that you even use Leadpages if you compare it with Clickfunnels or Kartra.

Leadpages is simply a landing page platform. It is not a fully built out sales funnel tool. However, if all you need is a hosted ad managed landing page platform, then that job can be done by Leadpages.

Kartra Starter – $89 per month (yearly) or Standard Leadpages – $25 per month (yearly) or $37 per month (monthly).

Conclusion Of Kartra Pricing Plans

Kartra shows promising potential to be able to really shake the online marketing space up significantly. It competes with well-established marketing platforms like Kajabi, Clickfunels, and Infusionsoft, and is priced competitively. In addition, it combines the functionality of several different standalone products that I discussed earlier in this review, but at a lower price.

The small business space is where I think it can provide the most value, especially for businesses that have avoided online marketing due to it appearing to be overly expensive and complicated. The idea of needing to learn how to use several different software tools, or, even worse, having to hire experts for each of them, has turned off many business owners.

On the other hand, Kartra comes with common workflows and interfaces that take away a lot of the complexity. So if you happen to be a small business owner who has not yet taken the step to get your online marketing started, I highly recommend that you try Kartra.

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